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about us
Band E-business HongKong Co., Ltd. is specialized in automation control system.We have set up stable relationship with more than fifty companies like Schneider, Mitsubishi, Omron, Panasonic, Siemens, ABB etc. Our automation products are widely used in food and beverage,pharmaceutical, steel, paper, textile and dyeing, waste-water and auto industries. After years of effort, we have developed into a company which can provide both technology and service supports, and got accepted by many customers in the industry.about
Bangdao Web belongs to our Guangzhou branch(Guangzhou Band E-business Co., Ltd.) this web is a gathering of automation agents and distributors all around the world.The platform ensures you ‘one-stop purchasing, one-stop service’. Whatever brand you want, whatever we can provide.

Band’s one-stop service can simplify your purchasing, and make you free from the troubles in finding different brands from different agents and getting quality assurance from various distributors.
One order, one-stop purchase,one-stop service

We focus on making Bangdaow into a professional worldwide platform for factory control products.